Portrayed by: ​Ramon Trejo

Ramon Trejo was born in Los Angeles, CA, and he was raised in Roswell, NM. He moved to Albuquerque, NM in 2013. He graduated from Roswell High School and received a Pharmacy Technician degree from Eastern New Mexico University- Roswell. Ramon comes from a Mexican family and is bilingual in Spanish. He has been training non-stop at SOL Acting Academy. He hopes to one day star in movies and TV shows. Ramon has a strong passion for pop culture and he is always up to date with the latest styles, slang, and trends. He is a very huge fan of Fifth Harmony. Along with his passion for pop culture and “fan-girling” over Fifth Harmony, Ramon also has a strong love for social media and watches YouTube religiously. He is currently building a strong following on his various social media accounts. Ramon is hoping to become a YouTuber as well one day. Ramon is a child at heart and you can count on him to bring out a smile in everyone.