Ramon Trejo was born in Los Angeles, CA, and he was raised in Roswell, NM. He moved to Albuquerque, NM in 2013. He graduated from Roswell High School and received a Pharmacy Technician degree from Eastern New Mexico University- Roswell. Ramon comes from a Mexican family and is bilingual in Spanish. He has been training non-stop at SOL Acting Academy. He hopes to one day star in movies and TV shows. Ramon has a strong passion for pop culture and he is always up to date with the latest styles, slang, and trends. He is a very huge fan of Fifth Harmony. Along with his passion for pop culture and “fan-girling” over Fifth Harmony, Ramon also has a strong love for social media and watches YouTube religiously. He is currently building a strong following on his various social media accounts. Ramon is hoping to become a YouTuber as well one day. Ramon is a child at heart and you can count on him to bring out a smile in everyone.

Portrayed by: ​Ramon Trejo