Diva's PerfectPosse is series in development. The story revolves around Miss Diva Deluxé Vecchio.

Miss Diva Deluxé Vecchio is an aging plus-size model. With the release of 2015’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue featuring its first plus-size model in a swimsuit ad, Diva’s career has skyrocketed right near its tail end. She is in high demand and the spokesperson for many “Perfect” products. In this first episode “Perfect Pucker Lipstick”, we meet Diva on the set of a lipstick commercial with her loyal entourage headed by her personal assistant Ramon. But, the second something doesn’t go right or as planned, Diva has a hissy fit and it takes her patient and faithful team to extinguish the situation and get her back on task.  Will Diva be able to handle her newfound fame with the help of her team? Or, will overnight success consume Diva; when “Perfection is the Only Option!”?