Christina Gopal, Owner

​​Diva's Perfect Productions started as an independent film production company and has evolved into a multifaceted film, fashion, and management company. Creator and owner Christina Gopal is an actor, producer, manager, and now modeling agent. She was born and raised in Chicago but moved with her family to Albuquerque, NM in 2007 for her husband's job. She has a BSN from Grand Canyon University but transitioned into the entertainment industry in 2010. She has managed her sons' acting and modeling careers for the past 14 years. Over the last 10 years she has founded "Diva's Perfect Productions" and has produced photography shoots as well as various modeling workshops, and multiple films including an award winning YouTube series "Diva's Perfect Posse". In 2018 She co-founded and was voted President of "Cutie-Q", a non-profit education resource for youth models. She is currently working on her certification in Fashion Styling at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), and has started "Perfect Models Management" to help mentor models of all ages to navigate the industry. In May 2024, Christina was asked to join and head the modeling division at "DMe Talent Agency". 

Christina is detail oriented, strives to maintain high standards, quality work, and exhibits the utmost professionalism. She enjoys traveling with her family, and her favorite place to visit is Italy for its wine, food, and where she also has family.