Submit an "Easter Egg" you found in the "Perfect Pumps" episode

and you might win a Perfect Pucker Lip Balm!

We will send an official Perfect Pucker Lip Balm to each person who submits a NEW "Easter Egg" they've found within the episode/credits of Perfect Pumps. ("Easter Eggs" may include: private jokes, and or hidden jokes as well as continuity issues). The contest starts at the release of the episode "Perfect Pumps" on YouTube Wednesday January 25th, 2017 and ends on Easter Sunday 2018​.

"PERFECT PUMPS" Easter Egg Contest !


  1. One entry per email address.
  2. Only one "Easter Egg" may be submitted. If someone sends multiple "Easter Eggs" with  the same email address and/or submission we will judge just the first one, at the top of the list.
  3. An "Easter Egg" is a hidden secret or continuity issue found in the episode. "New" would be defined as an "Easter Egg" the first person who submits and/or identifies. Once one has been identified, it is no longer considered "new". We will list them here as they come in.
  4. We discourage sharing new "Easter Eggs" on social media. However, "Easter Eggs" remain new until it is submitted officially through our contest website.
  5. The Executive Producer has final decision on whether a submitted "Easter Egg" is eligible to win. Once again, the Executive Producer has final judgement.
  6. The contest starts when the episode Diva's Perfect Posse: Perfect Pumps is released on YouTube and ends on Easter Sunday April 16, 2017.
  7. Submitters must provide their name, email address, mailing address, and a winning "Easter Egg" to be eligible to win. This information will not be shared. We may contact you with press releases or updated info. You have the option to opt out. Please note: We can not ship to PO Box addresses.
  8. Lip balms will ship out and be received within 2-4 weeks of winning. Sooner if possible.
  9. Cast & Crew of this particular episode are not eligible to submit. (However, friends and family are).
  10. Void where prohibited by law